Summer School Venue

Getting to Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona

There is a regular bus that leaves from the bus station (Kungsplan Karlskrona, opposite to the train station). Bus no. 1 leaves towards campus from this stop (every 10 minutes). The local buses are run by Blekingetrafiken and you can get an up to date timetable on their website.

A trip from Kungsplan to campus takes 8 minutes. Driving (6 minutes) or walking (30 minutes). See the map below for detailed directions from the central station to the campus. 

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Campus Maps

Campus Gräsvik
A-Building, Floor 2
A-Building, Floor 3
C-Building, Floor 2
C-Building, Floor 4
G-Building, Floor 2
J-Building, Floor 1
J-Building, Floor 3

Bring your swimsuit and refresh yourself with a splash between sessions!

Important Places in Karlskrona

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Explore Scenic Karlskrona!

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The conference will be hosted at the main campus of Blekinge Institute of Technology, a modern university situated in the 17th-century naval city of Karlskrona. Karlskrona, a UNESCO World Heritage site, preserves many of its original landmarks and baroque architecture. The city sits in the Blekinge archipelago of 30 islands, which forms a nature preserve that is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Close to nature and the ocean and with plentiful cultural sites, this popular region attracts many recreational visitors. The region is also well known for its high-tech industry and is host to many leading companies.

You to get an impression of Sweden and Karlskrona by visiting the following resources: